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Shopping For Your Ethical Fashion Wear at an Eco Store

“Go Green!!!” has been a slogan adapted by various environmentalist organizations to protect the planet. Due to spreading awareness, now it is being adapted by industrial sector, not to mention the fashion industry as well.

Fashion industry is well known for its cruelty; the use of all those “bad” chemicals when it comes to manufacture clothing is on top of the environmentalists’ hit list. However in the late 20th century, the fashion industry — as they say — “grew a heart”.

The concept of ethical fashion came into being. The idea was implicated with all fashion related products including garments. This further expanded to special trade locations, formally named as eco stores later on.

The entire concept of “ethical fashion” and “eco friendly products” has a deeper meaning than it apparently shows. It’s not just about a bunch of naturally manufactured products that you may acquire. Eco stores are not just places that say “Come shop at our store. We have the largest collection of the eco friendly products”.

The roots go deep — “revolutionary” deep. The word “eco” changes the entire way an industry may operate. “Ethical” gives it the required strength to do so and much more.

The two notions tend to reduce the harmful effects of any production process on the environment, make the product reusable & recyclable, help the economy to grow strong, work for the welfare of the working class and equity in any given society.

The trend of shopping at eco stores in rapidly increasing as people have begun to realize the crucial importance of eco friendly products. First it was considered to be applied only on the perishable food products — one must eat everything close to nature; it’s good for health and saves the planet, too.

Now, it is about everything. Eco stores supply everything from food commodities to natural make-up and ethical fashion wear. This is really something to get the attention of fashion freaks.

Shopping at an eco store helps you take part in the easiest way to save the planet. You don’t need to do anything else but to shop; and of course, to realize the good deed.

Clothing is an item you most frequently shop for. Every time you shop for your fashion wear at an eco store, simply review the process; the chain of good deeds; the loop of happiness.

Eco-fashion or sustainable clothing begins with the production of cotton. So, begin your thinking process from there. Think of the farmers who worked really hard, extra hard, as organic cotton production needs that. No chemicals mean that the farmers have to be on their toes to save the yield from pests.

As the core of ethical fashion is fair trade, rest assured that those hard workers would get a fair payment and may enjoy a reasonable standard of living (which otherwise does not hold a good probability).

This fair trade implies on the entire process, means that everyone involved from step one of production to the final sale will enjoy the benefits. Absence of chemicals ensures better health conditions of the workers as well.

Eco friendly production also looks after the excellent working conditions for the labour class, treating them equal and showing respect in all manners.

All this creates a healthy working environment, less-troubled people form a well-functioning society and as they are paid well, they can also enjoy various luxuries. All these are signs for inviting investments and a growing economy.

The sustainable clothing is now in the market, so there must be a place which deals as fairly with people as they were dealt with throughout the production process; no ripping off, no unethical profit margins, power to the people, equity, welfare and eco friendly.

Eco stores operate keeping all these things in mind. They deal with only those companies which produce eco friendly products and most of them have entire departments of used products, especially ethical fashion wear. Recycling and reusing is the top priority.

The investors follow all the ethical codes and target the welfare of society. Efforts to save natural resources are a highlighted feature in there so to save mother earth.

Most people like following latest trends, so take a step and start following the exciting new trend of shopping for your ethical fashion wear at an eco store. Take your part today is making this world a better place to live.

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Eco Products – From Coffins to Edible Shoe Cream!

So what do coffins, shoe cream and race cars have in common?  They are all part of my favorite blog post to date!  Read on to see where eco friendly creativity is taking us in our everyday lives, after we put on the green clothes!

The latest buzz in the marketplace is about the fabrication and use of eco friendly products. All you hear these days is “environment this….” and “environmentally friendly that…..”! Getting the best deals of eco products and charms of eco stores have become irresistible; but why so???

The primitive methods were tedious however safe for nature and more eco friendly. But these days, we are in such a terrible haste that we forget to notice the negative effects of these technological advancements on our environment.

We fail to speculate how awful things might end up for the generations to come if we don’t realize the importance of using eco friendly products for even the most mundane, as well as the arcane things in life.

All that we need is some imagination with a little hint of care and concern. It is not like we should stop using the modern inventions that make our lives so easy. Nobody here at Greenclothes is advocating a return to the horse and buggy!  We just need to get a little more creative about how we make stuff.  Eco friendly products are manufactured based on the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Electronics, toiletries, beauty products, cooking gear, pet products, laundry products and even clothes are made eco friendly now. Who knew that “eco friendly clothing” would be considered some day?

There are hundreds of eco friendly products being manufactured these days. Some are weird, some are interesting and some will surely make you laugh.

Want to be buried or cremated?

Ever heard of eco friendly coffins? They are called “Ecoffins” in short, made up of banana sheaves or bamboo. The caskets are decomposed along the bodies. The manufacturers believe that it’s more eco friendly than cremating a body.

The pets’ role!

Using a sheep’s wool is well heard of but did you know that some people shave their pets (cats and dogs) and use their fur to be spun into yarn? The yarn is used for almost all the same purposes as wool. The products are called eco friendly because they tend to save tons of animal fur from otherwise being wasted.

Edible shoe cream — really?

Yes, really! This shoe cream is made up of all the natural ingredients that are also edible. It is multipurpose and has no harmful effects. Hundred percent natural, zero chemicals! Shine your shoes with it or spread it on a toast instead of jam, your choice!

The pollution sensitive dress

It has been invented and works pretty well. The dress gets all wrinkled up when exposed to pollution.  I’m not sure how this HELPs the environment, but I suppose it at least brings it to everyone’s attention!

Eco friendly racing car

This is something no one could believe but here it is. Built by a university student as an industrial project; he was able to put together a racing car that was entirely composed of natural products; from the outer body to the eco friendly fuel. The top speed of the “eco speedster” is 150 miles per hour. Definitely not a joke!  Now that’s a responsible ride I could get excited about.

Typewriter ear rings

IBM Selectric typewriter balls are being used to make ear rings. The balls are light and kind of look cute. This is certainly the best recycling project as nothing is more cherish able than a bunch of cute accessories. Yes, I know. If you’re under 30, you’re still trying to figure out what a Selectric is!  Don’t worry about it.  Just put on your earrings and be ironically stylish!!

Water powered alarm clock

No batteries required — just water. An electric current is generated by the electrodes through a combination of water and salt inside the clock. The current is strong enough to last a couple of days. Change the water to keep the clock running.  Admin’s note:  If I ever had a problem with the snooze button, I fear a very wet floor by my bed!

A solar bag to charge your laptop

Probably one of the most useful eco friendly products is this solar bag! It has the capability to charge the laptop and all your other handy gadgets like cell phones, iPod, etc.  Guilt-free gadgetry at its best.

The environment is a sensitive issue and is directly influenced by all our acts. We are polluting the earth 24/7, awake and asleep, intentionally and unintentionally; and many don’t even seem to be bothered about it.

There is so much that can be done by us to take charge of things. Taking one step forward and demanding for eco friendly products is the foundation for persuading the stake holders to do a better job than this.  That is why we salute you, the readers and supporters of, for making the extra effort by coming here to learn how you can make a difference thru eco fashion.

In order for us to sustain, we need to change the way we live. We need to be more selective in what products we use in our daily routine so that we can stop this world from falling apart.

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