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Zoe & Zac, Affordable Green Footwear Line Launched

It seems, after plastic bag and non-recyclable t-shirts, ordinary footwear line is the next in the queue of outdated fashion accessories, as a new line of eco-friendly footwear is launched by Summer Rayne Oakes and Payless. The name of this shoe-line is ‘Zoe & Zac.’ A magnificent blend of creativity and nature care, this footwear line was launched after a clear observation of buying capacity of normal class of the society and its cost is not going to surpass 30$. It is surely a pleasure for people in the present scenario of downturn, as they are able to stay healthy without paying much.

The footwear line was brought jointly by well-known social activist and bold entrepreneur cum writer Summer Rayne Oakes and the well-known shoe company Payless. Also known as the Eco-Model, Summer Rayne Oakes helped payless in creating such wonderful footwear. Payless is appreciated globally for its sustainable stylish collection of shoes and other fashion accessories. The brand new shoe line, launched by Payless on Oakes, will be available on 1,000 outlets of Payless stores in entire United States. If you are staying outside, you can avail these striking shoes by browsing the official site of Payless, which is Zoe & Zac is an authentic collection of green fashion accessories, which includes great eco friendly shoes, linen, hemp, recycled rubber, jute and water-based glues.

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