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Painting the Red Carpet Green

It’s not unusual to hear about celebrities “going green” nowadays. In fact, we regularly mention them here on But it’s refreshing to see one taking it a step farther, as she steps on the red carpet this spring for awards shows. Livia Firth, the lovely bride of British movie star Colin Firth, is a producer in her own right as well as proprietor of a green shop in Chiswick High Road called Eco Age. When she realized how many awards shows and premier events they would be attending this year, she challenged herself to wear only eco-fashion! According to Firth, to qualify as “green”, a garment has to respect “labour rights, repurposing, up-cycling, low waste, low carbon, low impact, sustainable fibres, alternative fibres and some organic fibres” – without sticking out like “a sustainable sore thumb.”

She is blogging about the experience on where she is also encouraging other women to seek more earth-friendly alternatives when dressing up for those special evenings out. I for one look forward to seeing what she can come up. If she can pull it off with the aplomb that I expect, it will give a lot of other women the courage to do the same, that eco-fashion can be just as glamorous as the latest couture from Rodeo Drive!

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  1. lisa @ Organic cotton Said,

    Wow this is really very cool oh her part. Setting a trend being a celebrity is cool idea so women can follow her trends. thanks for sharing the link too..lets set a trend of going green ladies!!

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