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Eco friendly Ideo Miranda Top

A note from a reader:

“Well, summer is finally upon us!  My favorite time of year.  But I gotta tell you, last summer did not go well for me. Do you know why? Let me tell you, if you do not have fitting summer dresses under your belt to give befitting replies to the scorching summer heat, you are gone! That’s exactly what had happened with me in the last summer. I was having a pair of good brown-colored Miranda tops, exclusively kept for my vacation. But the whole experience proved to be so terrifying, you know and consequently, I became horribly frustrated wearing it. I developed so many rashes on my skin! I don’t know from where the dress was purchased by my dad! I feel pity for him! I can’t blame him. He was actually not aware of the eco friendly clothes that are now days available to take care the young girls, like me!

After experiencing the disastrous dress disturbance, I, along with my father, was then searching for an accommodative eco friendly cloth for me. And then we found this lovely light-orange coloured Miranda Top I am wearing now. It is so nice, so fitting to me, always gives so much of pleasure and comfort that you can’t imagine wearing an ordinary top. And, believe me, after experiencing the beauty of an eco friendly cloth, I will never go back to my old wardrobe full of eco alarming dresses. I suggest you also should not!

The Miranda Top I purchased that day was not the only piece available in the store; but it was definitely a unique piece. Besides, the dress was available under different varied shades and textures. Each one of them was so demanding! I also purchased another piece for my sister. She too joined me in celebrating bringing eco friendly clothes in our household. The salesperson asked only $32.00 for my exquisite Miranda Top manufactured by Ideo, using 100% organic cotton fabric. I don’t think, I will ever get such an economically eco-friendly dress material for me! The dress is machine washable and needs no special care in order to maintain it’s eco friendly nature – what else you want! The top is not only an earth-friendly piece – it is stylish too! When I go out wearing the figure-flattering wrap style Miranda Top, I too look natural!

Thanks for bringing us all the great info about organic cotton and other eco-friendly clothing!!”

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