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Bag the Plastic! Environmentally Friendly Shopping Bags

For the last few years humans have realized the disastrous effects of plastic bags on the planet. Plastic bags have been stuffed in our lands via landfills, in our animals – plastic bags were found in the stomach of several cows in India and have even managed to form an island – there is a large mass of discarded plastic waste floating in the Pacific Ocean!  Ick.

A lot has been done in an effort to get rid of plastic bags. Many corporate organizations and governments have attempted to them. But at the end of the day it boils down to the individual, not regulations, that will solve this problem (or any other for that matter, but that’s another topic for another day!)   As an individual you have the sole right to choose.  And your decisions can make the difference to the planet, one bag at a time.

So what’s the alternative?  What constitutes an “eco bag”?  Eco bags have always been around in the form of cloth and other sustainable materials that were used in ancient times. In the past, however,  they struggled to be cool.  While everyone would LIKE to do the right thing, not everyone looks good in Birkenstocks, carrying macrame shopping bags!   Fortunately,  a number of hip, fashionable and earth-friendly totes have come on strong to save our lands and oceans without compromising our cool factor.

Here are a few websites we’ve found that sell some trendy bags as well as other great stuff:

  • – An environmentally focused company that has been selling carbon-neutral bags made from different recyclable materials since 2002. Jute bags are one of the most popular bags on this website. Most jute bags are colorful and come with trendy designs. These jute bags are perfect for users who like to throw their bag around. These rugged bags can carry up to 20 kgs of weight. The other options are cotton bags. Also, if you have a specific design in mind this website caters to custom orders.
Harlequin group selected Bag the Plastic! Environmentally Friendly Shopping Bags
Jute bags from Canby
  • – Go to their website and you’ll see a number that keeps increasing, that’s a count of the number of plastic bags used around the world in this year. Since 2002 has been trying to change the “use and toss” attitude by producing eco bags that can be used over and over again. They sell a variety of shopping bags such as canvas bags, thermal bags, heavy duty bags and a large variety of lunch bags. Apart from bags you can buy reusable water bottles, lunch boxes and home products. They also have a section for eco friendly people looking for a gift for someone.

totesflower Bag the Plastic! Environmentally Friendly Shopping Bags

  • – Envirosax is one of the biggest brand names in the environment friendly market. Started by an Australian couple in 2004 this company has been extremely creative in designing their products and using a number of different recyclable items to make their products. Their graphic series bags are some of the most fashionable ways in which you can help save the planet. These colorfully designed bags are made of lightweight polyester and are waterproof. Other varieties offered by them are organic series bags that are made with bamboo, linen or hemp; kids series bags and greengrocer series bags.
ob.b1 bag updated Bag the Plastic! Environmentally Friendly Shopping Bags
Bamboo bag from Envirosax “Organic” line

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