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Bamboo Lingerie – Rachel McAdams Goes Eco Friendly

Rachel McAdams, the Canadian superstar is campaigning to help the environment in a new way. She has been coaxing women around the world to use lingerie made from bamboo to help save the environment from global warming.

Rachel, who has acted in many movies, became a star after her role in the movie Notebook which was an adaptation of Nicholas Spark’s novel of the same name. She then started using her celebrity status to support environmental issues. She has even launched an environmental website called This website, a joint creation of three friends including Rachel, gives you numerous environment friendly tips to use in your daily life to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Bamboo underwear she says is, “a very sexy thing to do”, in addition she says, “They sound quite painful but they’re actually quite soft. I’ve also got soy underwear!”

Bamboo has many different environmental benefits as it is a renewable source and produces more oxygen compared to most trees on our planet. Now, environmentalists and fashion designers have come together to produce bamboo underwear. They are not what you might imagine them to be. Like Rachel says, there are quite soft. In fact, they are as comfortable as any other underwear you’d ever wear. Another benefit of bamboo underwear is that it dries at a faster rate compared to regular cloth underwear. They also allow your body to breathe better, this helps in dealing with odor problems as well and above everything else they are chemical free.

Rachel and her friends have been doing a fantastic job with their website for the past two years. On the eve of the websites second anniversary she said, “We’re coming on our two-year anniversary of and the environmental community has really opened up online. That’s the amazing thing about the Internet – for all the problems and concerns, the relationships you can develop with people who are on the same wavelength and deeply care about the same things is immediate and it’s vast.”

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