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Hemp – An Organic Fiber

Eco Fabrics

In today’s fashion era, designers all over the world are making a marked statement with Eco-fashion or Green fashion, making clothes that best suit the environment. These 100% organic fabrics are grown without pesticides or herbicides made from synthetic products. Not only this, these 100% organic fabrics are treated without chemical dyes or bleaches. Today clothing made from organic fibers such as organic cotton, hemp, soy silk, or bamboo are largely in fashion and widely used.

Not only this, dresses such as skirts, T-shirts, scarves, and matching accessories made from these organic fabrics are included in almost every fashion show and works of different designers including Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Jil Sander, and Versace. And one such organic fiber is Hemp.

Used for making hemp curtains, valance, clothing, bags, jewelry, paper, and many more items, the stuff made from hemp material is stronger, durable, insulating and absorbent in nature. Primarily coarse in nature, the fabric was traditionally used for making ropes and canvas. After passing through the technological advancements in breeding the plant, the fabric available these days is much softer and finer and can be weaved into cloth.

Mainly processed in Romania, the European Hemp used for manufacturing home products and clothing is 100% organic in nature and is free from any kind of pesticides or chemicals. What’s more you can even dye in different shades too. You can select from a variety of products including hemp twines, ropes, fiber or fabrics to produce different products made from hemp which are not only comfortable but stylish and durable too.

But why hemp plant only? Well produced without any insecticides, this plant requires very little water to grow. The plant also doesn’t require any artificial fertilizers or synthetic herbs to grow quickly and densely. Not only this, the long and sturdy fibers of the plant make it last much longer and durable in nature.

The organic hemp plant has another characteristic too. It absorbs equal amounts of CO2 during its growing phase that will be released later when the plant is burnt for fuel or other purposes, and does not contribute to the green effect. However, due to organic properties of this plant, it is possible to substitute hemp for other material, thus reducing the effect of water pollution to a large extent. A non-combustible and non-toxic product in nature, hemp if cultivated in large quantities helps in conservation of natural resources.

However, growing of this product has been prohibited in the United States, since the report published by U.S Drug Enforcement Agency where all varieties of hemp have been classified as ‘marijuana’. The product, popularly produced as industrial hemp, is blended with organic cotton.

But this product is grown without any restrictions in other parts of the world, including Russia, England, France, Holland, Hungary, and China. This has led to manifold increase in cultivation of hemp from 50,000 tons in 90,000 tons in just a period of 4 years. However, this non-vegetable fiber is an unpopular product in US which will be grown only after the framers are reassured of not facing any prosecution from the Government’s side.

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Green Urban Clothing Brand – BrooklyNYC

Eco Fabrics

Today we all like to use everything 100% natural that constitutes Nature, the source of our essential necessities. Not only this, saving nature and environment is a global initiative and one of the steps to move in this direction is to wear 100% natural or green only. This shift in trend from polyester to conventional cotton clothing has forced the designers to produce stylish garment line from 100% natural and conventional cotton fabric, providing the environmentally conscious shopper with more and more eco-friendly choices.

And one such name is BrooklyNYC a renowned green, eco-friendly brand of clothes selling 100% cotton T-shirts. All the clothes manufactured and sold at BrooklyNYC that was launched in the year 2006, are 100% environment friendly or eco-friendly in nature. Reputed as the first Green Urban Clothing Brand, BrooklyNYC uses only non-PVC water based inks for Printing. These inks are environmentally safe and totally organic in nature. Not only this, the company uses recycled material too, such as the fabric made from soda bottles and a new synthetic material made of corn.

First, let’s understand the concept of eco-friendly in the context of garment industry. Well, this term implies to the garments made from 100% natural textiles such as soy, bamboo and organic cotton grown without the use of insecticides or bug killers. The company also trades in garments made of Lycocell or wood-pulp cellulose, Ingeo, and hump making the fabric extremely soft to touch. Not only this, at BrooklyNYC they believe in crafting fair-trade garments paying workers their reasonable dues.

As already mentioned, at BrooklyNYC all the inks used for printing T-Shirts are non-PVC based plastisol inks. The inks normally used to print most synthetic garments are highly toxic in nature. The PVC ink harm humans, especially babies if they even happen to lick the T-Shirts printed in this ink. Also, if this ink is not disposed off properly, it is equally destructive for the environment too. Because of this reason, it is officially banned in most of the environment-conscious places. However, the use of the T-shirts printed with Normal” PVC Plastisol ink is very common in the US, because they are far-more economical than non-PVC inks. Also, these inks suitable for screen printing can be used for mass production of T-shirts, unlike the clothing printed with non-PVC inks, which cost a lot more, but is gaining popularity with time.

The BrooklyNYC green clothing line makes use of non-toxic water-based ink for printing. It is more expensive, both in terms of resources and time, to produce water-based inks. Not only this, it is pretty difficult using these inks to print T-shirts too, However, these inks along with being soft, can be ironed over too. Therefore, at BrooklyNYC they only use water-based inks to make their line of clothing totally Green in true respect. Their clothing line for both men and women consists of unique creative tops for men and women in eye-pleasing styles and vivid colors, produced organically using safe printing methods.

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Hamnett’s Ethical Fashion Show

Eco Fashion Events

Last summer Katharine Hamnett, one of Britain’s most popular style gurus, sold denim jeans with a difference. It wasn’t their style that was unique, nor their color. Instead, the uniqueness lay in the fabric – they are manufactured from organic cotton. They cost slightly more than the non-organic variety, but their cost in terms of environmental protection is phenomenal. People, from buyers to distributors alike, flocked to Hamnett’s fashion show, to get a sampling of the variety of environmentally responsible fashion offered by her – and they weren’t disappointed.

Hamnett is one of the first designers in Europe to explore the potential of organic cotton. She has produced an entire range of green fashion, employing un-bleached, un-dyed cotton. Katharine Hamnett is alarmed about the fabrics currently used in the fashion industry and has been keenly developing more environmentally friendly fabrics. She showcased her collection in the ‘Ethical Fashion Show’ in Paris, which offers a platform for environmentally friendly designers from around the world to showcase their clothing and accessories. Katharine Hamnett’s clothing line is made entirely out of cotton, untreated wool or linen, containing no pesticides or other harmful chemicals like conventional clothing does.

The first ‘Ethical Fashion Show’ was held in 2004. Now an annual event, up to 50 designers show to the increasing number of distributors who want to sell designs that are ethically produced and environmentally friendly. Due to such efforts, the textile industry, one of the largest manufacturing industries around, is looking greener these days. There are more and more options available for choosing sustainable clothing that is environmentally responsible. Where earth-friendly clothing was once mild in color and design, today’s designs incorporate bright bold colors with professional and trendy styles that blend in with the other garments strutting down the catwalk.

Clothing is a process that starts with either renewable or non-renewable feedstock, which is treated and woven, dyed, and sewn to produce a piece of clothing. The clothing may have started out as a fossil fuel, or a cotton plant, with many workers and manufacturing and transportation processes along the way. Most synthetic threads like polyester are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource that even during the refining process produces contaminants.

A lot of fashion designers in the contemporary age are turning to green fashion. Edun, a company set up by Bono and Alison Hewson aims to offer a clothing line for people with a social conscience. They use organic fabrics, made up in environmentally friendly factories with ethical working conditions. Other environmentally conscious designers provide their customers a variety of options when it comes to buying and wearing responsible material.

Fashion magazines promote new styles for every season. Everybody needs clothes, but before you purchase that must-have sweater or perfect-fit pair of jeans, consider what goes into the manufacturing of those garments. Fashion can be a dirty business, but choosing clothes that are made with environmentally friendly materials ensures it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Bamboo Lingerie – Rachel McAdams Goes Eco Friendly

Green Clothes

Rachel McAdams, the Canadian superstar is campaigning to help the environment in a new way. She has been coaxing women around the world to use lingerie made from bamboo to help save the environment from global warming.

Rachel, who has acted in many movies, became a star after her role in the movie Notebook which was an adaptation of Nicholas Spark’s novel of the same name. She then started using her celebrity status to support environmental issues. She has even launched an environmental website called This website, a joint creation of three friends including Rachel, gives you numerous environment friendly tips to use in your daily life to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Bamboo underwear she says is, “a very sexy thing to do”, in addition she says, “They sound quite painful but they’re actually quite soft. I’ve also got soy underwear!”

Bamboo has many different environmental benefits as it is a renewable source and produces more oxygen compared to most trees on our planet. Now, environmentalists and fashion designers have come together to produce bamboo underwear. They are not what you might imagine them to be. Like Rachel says, there are quite soft. In fact, they are as comfortable as any other underwear you’d ever wear. Another benefit of bamboo underwear is that it dries at a faster rate compared to regular cloth underwear. They also allow your body to breathe better, this helps in dealing with odor problems as well and above everything else they are chemical free.

Rachel and her friends have been doing a fantastic job with their website for the past two years. On the eve of the websites second anniversary she said, “We’re coming on our two-year anniversary of and the environmental community has really opened up online. That’s the amazing thing about the Internet – for all the problems and concerns, the relationships you can develop with people who are on the same wavelength and deeply care about the same things is immediate and it’s vast.”

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